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Tekken Season Pass 3 – A New Character?

Not too long ago, the Tekken world got an announcement; there will be more characters and amongst them is a brand new character. If you’re a fan of fighting games, the resurgence of the genre has been an incredible thing to watch. When Tekken 7 came out (worldwide) back in 2017, people across the world got the itch to play the long lasting franchise and it pulled in new and old fans alike. Two years on, Tekken 7 is moving into Season Pass 3, where they will be adding another couple of characters, one of which is a totally new character; although there are similarities to an old favourite.


Tekken 7 Anniversary Update: May 31st 2018 (and World Tour Global Finals)

It’s no big surprise that with the announcement of the Tekken 7 Anniversary Update, I was all over it. Since the games PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC release on June 2nd, 2017, I’ve racked up 294 hours on the fighting golliath. This anniversary update then was something that brought me back to the game just before its release, as admittedly, I’ve been somewhat off and on with the game recently (blame Clone Hero). Picking my main Lee back up, I managed to get back towards where I should be; around the Vanguard/Warrior mark – Not too shabbby!

So what has this free anniversary update promised us so far?


Guest Characters in Tekken Games – Noctis, Geese and Akuma in Tekken 7

My good friends have had to experience me go from playing RPGs non-stop, to just being sat in ranked queues in Tekken 7, day in and day out. Tomorrow, we will see the launch of a new character in Tekken 7 – Noctis Lucis Caelum. The same Noctis from the most recent main-series title in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV. He’s not the only guest character to make it into Tekken. He’s now the third DLC, following Akuma back when the game was first released and Geese Howard last year. Now that Noctis is on the way, I thought this would be a fun way to look back at guest characters in Tekken’s history.


EVO 2017: Tekken’s Top 8 – A look at competitive gaming

Although this article is titled EVO 2017: Tekken Top 8, the hype EVO gives eSports is intense and real; it really makes you appreciate the skill that all of the players have. Not that long ago, I checked out the Top 8, as everyone is now aware that I’ve been playing a good bit of Tekken 7 since its release. I was in awe at the sheer skill of the players involved, so there are a few of my highlights from the event – and why these events are hugely important for creating a stronger, more collaborative environment for gamers worldwide.


Combo Breaker: Practice Makes Perfect!

It’s been over a month since Tekken 7 graced our computers and consoles, but it’s felt a lot longer. I went through a huge series of losses in the ranked queue, which left me wondering if I would ever get better? What could I do to play as my favourite characters and lose less? Following on from contributor Jay’s incredibly useful guide on how to learn how to lose, I took a step back and understood that my personal understanding of the game needed to be improved. This is a look at how I improved, but also how you can apply this to anything in life.


Video Game Review: Tekken 7

The Tekken franchise has been around since 1994; a fighting game which has won numerous awards. Now we’re back in 2017, with a brand new Tekken game that was released just last week. The reviews have been pouring in with praise galore and we’re not one to shy from what people have been saying. From the new musical direction, to art and the story mode, we’re here to review everything about Tekken 7, as let’s be honest – What’s the point of a review if we don’t critique the whole thing. Before we get into the review however, it’s worth noting that I had the game pre-ordered as a present, so I also get the bonus Eliza DLC. Here we go with our full review!


Discussion: Video Game Meta

Discussion – It’s an important part of who geeks are. We like to sit around and talk about who is better, Kirk or Picard. We like to talk about why Minecraft is so amazing and we like to talk about the implications of paying for mods in games. We like to open up a lot of discussions, through a medium of a good, strong opinion and then to invite others to either share in our opinions, or to give a conflicting view on a topic. Today’s topic needs little introduction, as we’re going to talk about the very nature of what makes a good ‘meta’ in a video game and what they’re there for. Plus, we’ll look at the negatives of the meta, then open up to everyone for a discussion.