Top 10 Scary Kids

This weeks top 10 is bought to you by Timlah – Sorry that you’re feeling unwell Joel! Get well soon buddy. But this weeks Top 10 was helped by GeekOut Bristol’s very own Jake.

GeekOut Top 10s

Let’s face the facts here – Children know how to be downright terrifying at times. They lurk behind your door and say “Hi!” Without any hesitation, knowing they’re going to send you into cardiac arrest. They’re brutal, malicious, terrif– I’m being a bit dramatic here, but you get the point. Sometimes, especially in media, kids know how to be scary. But that’s fine, because they make a great list for our Top 10!

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Geeking Out Hard – Horror Films

I am a man who finds different things to obsess over in phases, for maybe a month or two at a time. You may recall not too long ago it was Borderlands, but with Hallowe’en just passed and a few articles done on the subject of horror I have found myself chain-watching horror films of all types and listening to Librivox H.P. Lovecraft books.


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