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The Week In Geek – 01/12/14

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag for news… On the one hand we had one very sad bit of news, but on the other hand we got something delicious flying through the air in hopes to land on your plate in an edible way… Welcome back to The Week In Geek.

The Week In Geek



The Week In Geek – 24/11/14

This week has been a slower, quieter week once again however it’s one of these weeks that happened to give away news about something pretty major. We’re back once again Jedi’s, for another of our weekly issues of The Week in Geek.

The Week In Geek


The Week In Geek – 17/11/14

This week we’ve had a much better week for news, I can tell you! From browsers making some interesting partnerships, to Valve becoming a lot tougher on their criteria for certain things, oh… also we talk about the return of a major UK convention that Joel and I adore. So come join us as we relive the Week in Geek!

The Week In Geek


The Week In Geek – 10/11/14

Another slow week for nerd-news (unless we’ve missed something), but here’s our regular rundown of the stories that caught our attention this week. Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments down below.

The Week In Geek


The Week in Geek – 03/11/2014

No, this week really wasn’t that eventful for us, however the show must go on and we have found out a few interesting tidbits just for you!

We’ve got you some interesting tech news and some of us are using the force in our cinematic experiences, so let’s take you back through The Week In Geek.

The Week In Geek


The Week In Geek – 22/09/14

The Week In Geek

Welcome back to The Week in Geek, our weekly summary of all our favourite pieces of nerd news. Tim and Joel keep watch for stories that interest us, but let us know if there are any stories you’d like us to talk about next week!


Ok, we’ve all heard about this already. The short version is that iPhone 6’s are structurally weak enough to bend is subjected to a minimal amount of stress. You can destroy one with your bare hands, or by putting it in tight pockets. Leaving aside all of my own pro-android view points, let us take this time to bask in the hilarity that is a bendy phone:

Seriously, Google “Bendgate” because the responses from corporations are hilarious. Somehow it’s funnier when businesses start ripping on each other than when the gleeful masses of the internet do it. Corporate trolling! It’s a thing.

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Joss Whedon’s series to support the Marvel Cinematic Universe enters it’s second season this week, and already the show is taking a turn for the dark. Those of you who watched the first season to the bitter end [SPOILERS] will remember that following the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D is officially dissolved, but unofficially operating under the directorship of Agent Coulson to try and route out the forces of Hyrda. [SPOILERS OVER, you can come back now] No character has been left unchanged, the plane is gone, and things are more intriguing and action packed that ever before.

The first season was slow to really get started, but was an excellent introduction to the show at large and a great accompaniment to the film franchise. It’s storyline compliments those films that set it up and have been released alongside it (although I’m not sure it stands up on it’s own merits so well) and goes that little bit further into Marvel lore that may not have seen the light of day without the smaller-scale project. Look forward to Agent Carter, another supporting series that follows S.H.I.E.L.Ds beginnings that will premier in January.


Adobe buys Aviary

Aviary is a photo-editing platform for mobile devices, it is also a creative SDK of sorts. It’s no major surprise then that Adobe, the guys who run Photoshop, are interested in the platform that is Aviary which last year alone saw over 10 billion photos be processed through its various apps.

So why is this interesting at all? Adobe are doing something known as “the Creative Cloud”, a cloud-based creative software system where you pay a set monthly fee (£27.34 per month for the first year) and get access to all of Adobes software. It’s aimed at enthusiasts, hobbyists and small to medium sized businesses. It’s a more affordable way to run programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and more! Of course, in the long-term it’s more expensive than out-right buying the software, but if you don’t necessarily want to own the software for some reason, then this is a chance to get the whole works without buying the software.

So where does Aviary fit in?

Aviary delivers SDKs (Software Development Kits) to mobile platforms, which allows the creation of creative software. So integrating this in the Creative Cloud makes sense, as it means Adobe are also able to support those who want to work with the Aviary SDKs (which is now being renamed to Adobe Creative SDK.) It seems like a smart buy for Adobe, best of luck to the employees of both companies!



That’s it for this Week in Geek! If you know of anything happening that you think should get a small piece on this site, let us know! Drop us an e-mail or even use the contact form below. If you don’t want your name to be featured or if you want some information to be displayed should your news make it in, then please let us know what you want and we’ll accredit you as expected!

Until next week, keep it geek!

The Week In Geek – 15/09/14

The Week In Geek

Welcome back to The Week In Geek, our weekly summary of all our favourite pieces of nerd news. Tim and Joel keep watch for stories that interest us, but let us know if there are any stories you’d like us to talk about next week!

Deadpool 2016!

After the “leaked” test footage starring Ryan Reynolds hit the internet like an atom bomb, talk of a real Deadpool movie reached an all time high because it was just so beautiful. Fans of the Merc with a Mouth were livid with his portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in spite of the fact that the casting choice was wildly hailed by both fans, and by the casting choice himself who has been very outspoken about wanting to reprise the role, so long as it was done properly.

Yup, that looks properly like Deadpool to me!

Well, Fox have tested the water and this week they officially took the plunge and announced a date for the movie we’ve been waiting for, February 12th, 2016. Now, that’s a long way away, and projects this popular have been mired in the past to the point where they’ve vanished off the map (Duke Nukem Forever for example) but things have never looked better for Deadpool the Movie!

Encryption by Default

In case you were unaware of the recent announcement by Google and Apple, the Android and iDevices out there will now be getting encrypt functions enabled by default. For the record, both Googles and Apples devices have had encryption on their devices from the get go, although only the savvy knew about the features previously!

To me, it’s a no brainer! By having encryption set up by default, we can expect a lot less damage to our data when we go to a nefarious website. Of course it isnt the end of the worlds problems from them naughty hacking black-hat types. In fact, it doesnt really affect them that much at all with the power of decryption, but at least its one small step back to bringing the power to the average user!

Tell your family, tell your friends: Mobile devices are becoming safer and more ready for more serious usage around offices and indeed day to day activities. Just be aware that this is but one step towards security on your mobile devices.

One thing that wasnt made clear is when this is set to roll out. We will keep you informed about this one if we find out anything else.

Crescent Bay Kit

You might have seen my post from yesterday, but if you haven’t then please go check it out! I think this is quite exciting news!

Crescent Bay then is the latest development kit for the Oculus Rift! How exciting it is then that there is finally integrated speakers. Whats more, a new demo has been made by the developers of the Oculus Rift, a demo that lets you explore all of the new features from the built in speakers to the 360 head tracking!

Its an exciting time for the Virtual Reality headset but to keep abreast of any new changes, dont forget to keep your eyes (and now ears) open to the game conferences out there, as well as the Oculus Rift Kickstarter page, which they STILL keep updated!

Other News

  • This week sees the premier of the new Batman prequel series Gotham.
  • Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm Kickstarter has been announced, more on that later in the week
  • And this week (today actually) GeekOut South-West passed 10,000 views! Thanks everybody :D

Thats it for our week in geek, check back with us next week for more geeky goodness! Until next time, keep it geek folks!

What do you think about these exciting changes and developments? Have you got a good tip for us and our week in geek articles? Let us know in the comments below! We dont bite and we love to read your emails too!


The Week In Geek – 08/09/14

The Week In Geek


Welcome to our first ever issue of The Week in Geek, where Joel and myself will be looking at some geeky news from the week just passed. Today we just have 2 articles to share with you all but please, do let us know if you like these small snippets and if you’d like anything featured for our next issue of The Week In Geek.


Minecraft – $2.5bn acquisition

This has left a sour taste in my mouth and I’m sure many other Minecraft fans are feeling the same.

Let’s talk facts here: Mojang is a company and at the end of the day, they are looking to make money. For this, I do not blame Markus ‘Notch’ Persson as it means he can move onto other things, which as a developer you can assume that’s what he’d want to do!

However the question remains: Will Minecraft remain the same experience, or will Microsoft do some stuff to the game that might end up hurting all of the mod creators? What hurts them damages the whole Minecraft experience. Yes, I am admitting that the vanilla game of Minecraft isn’t enough to keep a player hooked for long. It’ll keep you busy, certainly but the mods are what drew so many people back. Don’t forget YouTube videos from people like the Yogscast, who have spent years showing modded Minecraft servers and adventures!

Let’s keep our eyes on this one, let’s hope for the best and please Microsoft: Don’t let this be another product you’ve bought out that us Linux boys eventually are unable to use.

To further update people to this matter, it was earlier today announced that the acquisition has indeed happened. It’s still too early to see what Microsoft want to do with it, but as I previously mentioned: Mojang is indeed a company. Money is good for them. Minecraft 2 if it comes about, should remain as open as MInecraft.


Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes

Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes returns on the 17th! For those of you not aware, Goblins is a comic set in a unique D&D style world, and follows the story of a band of goblins who refuse to accept their lot in life and choose to take character class levels, and their struggle against a world of prejudice and challenges designed for “regular heroes.” It’s an amazing read, and well worth your time.

Well, Goblins has had some scheduling problems, mostly because Tarol Hunt – the author – struggled to maintain a regular posting schedule because of how detailed his work is. Frankly, the bulk of his audience were happy to wait on him, but eventually maintaining his own standards caused Tarol to have a nervous breakdown in February, which you can read about in the blog post under the comic on the home page. While you’re there though, take an opportunity to check out the awesome return announcement he made!

Also read Goblins. It’s awesome!




And that’s it for The Week in Geek for this week! It’s been quite an interesting week, but we’ll start to prepare more week in geek articles throughout the week. As I mentioned, let us know what you think about us doing these small week in geek snippets, as we’re planning to make these regular articles.

Until next time, take care. Share with us your thoughts on our two pieces of news. Is the acquisition a good thing, or a bad thing for Mojang’s future? What about the announcement that Goblins is going to be released? Let’s talk about The Week in Geek!