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AmeCon 2018 – Previews

So, with this heat devouring my ability to think coherently, my anticipated article will be temporarily suspended in favour of a quick look at the one thing consuming my time over the coming week, Amecon.

Always glad to return to the Warwick Arts Centre, the place where it all began so far as Tim and I go, meeting on the circle steps at Ayacon Apocalypse, part of a braying crowd demanding Matt Mercer be spanked with a LARP sword, now that I’ve seen some Critical Role I’m ever more pleased about that little story, and the autograph in my campaign notebook with a badly drawn D20 in his own hand.

But the work being done to the campus is going to cause some serious upheaval for the weekend, room changes for both the event and the accommodation, and no doubt it’ll still be causing grief for us all until the last day. We can make the most of what we have, this is still one of the greatest events on the national geek calendar. My panel, the GMs Round Table with Chris and Lynsey, a pair of very experienced GMs and DMs who will spend some time in the traditional games room running games for any fool willing to step to the table. Otherwise come find us in Helen Martin (apparently used as a cosplay holding area) on Friday at 20:30, for story swapping, and all those burning questions about role-playing answered, probably with three different answers.

As much as I want to go to Paper to Photoshop, after being a guest on a Bunkazilla podcast recently I feel near-obliged to go and check that panel out instead, I don’t own Photoshop, no bad thing. There’s a singing workshop later in the day before the opening ceremonies, a LARP panel that overlaps with Taskmaster, so I guess that’ll be an interesting decision to make hastily at the last minute before I go prep for the Round Table.

Aside from a long panel on coffee (which… duh) I’m afraid Saturday looks a little vacant for me, so I will be spending the day dipping into a smattering of panels in between long gaming jaunts before MadStravaganza which is always entertaining. But of course Saturday night is also the rock and metal night with the Party Pirate, the one night of the year I actually go out to party. It’ll be made harder this year for the need to migrate to and from accommodation, I will be staying off-site for the first time ever, but still, I can but make the best of it.

Sunday, I look forward to seeing the Adventure Bastards again, their last live show was something truly entertaining, if not entirely in keeping with the spirit of Call of Cthulhu and Lovecraftian horror, but that’s hard to make as entertaining as their show. Fortunately it ends right before the closing ceremonies.

All of this is under the presumption that everything goes according to plan, which it probably won’t. The best way to stay up to date and informed is to make sure you have the Amecon app installed. We can only enjoy what happens as it happens, and I look forward to seeing as many of you lovely nerds as possible. See you there.


Returning to Kita

I have a long and lonely train ride ahead of me, to a long weekend traipsing back and forth between two hotels about a mile or so apart, carrying more bags than I probably need, spending money I don’t have on things I then have to drag back on the long and lonely train home.

Ye gods I love Kita.

We’re back for the third time, and as this is my seventh convention I’ve got a lot of people I’m looking forward to seeing who I only ever see at conventions, maybe getting a few games in with new people. For all this Kita is going to be shade smaller than in previous incarnations, it might not be quite so big a weekend as it has been in the past, but that won’t make it any less fun.

The timetable popped up on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, so let’s have a look:


Click for full size


Registration opens at 10:00 for those who get there early enough, and there’s a couple of panels before the big opening ceremony. More importantly they’ve left an hour after the ceremony because it always over runs, smart move guys. Otherwise it’s a fairly relaxed day until the first party kicks off, a few panels for anyone who wants to dig right in, and more to the point I won’t have to wait until Saturday for the games room to open.

Also a geeky burlesque show, I feel that’s a no-brainer.


The last time I stayed at the Holiday Inn down the road from the Hilton they never had bacon for breakfast, but I’m still looking forward to a weekend of cooked breakfasts. Anyway, besides breakfast there’s also the dealers room to look forward to in between panels, and while I’m seeing a few gaps in my own scheduling plans, I’m seeing a lot of hard decisions. In the morning, do I go to my first ever Build-A-Mech, or go to the Performing panel next door? In the afternoon do I go for LARP 101 or wait the half hour for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (I love that game!).

The worst for me is after the Cosplay Parade. Without an event description I don’t pretend to know what the ATA industry panel will be (probably something obvious I’ve missed completely), and while the Cartoons: Not Just For Children aligns with my interests perfectly, there’s something so mystery box tantalising about the Untitled Kitacon Discussion.

As a metal-head, Saturday night is my kind of party, even as a non-drinker I shall destroy myself with biannual attempts at dancing interspersed with shouting myself hoarse. Or failing that I’ll go find a game in the bar somewhere, there’s usually a game of Cards Against Humanity, or someone up for whatever’s to hand.


Ignoring for just one moment the infamous Kita’s Got Talent and the ever entertaining closing ceremonies, Sunday looks like a fairly well packed day too. Getting Legless with the Legless may have to supersede the charity auction despite how funny that proved last year, and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer will be holding a luncheon that will likely be similar to his meal with Professor Elemental last year, although with 50% less dapper MC than the last time around. The man himself will return to perform in the evening before we are subjected to a long evening of cheese-tastic music. I’m sure Tim is thrilled.

Kita’s Got Talent usually presents us with a broader and more interesting selection of entertainment than does the more nationally recognised version, certainly a lot geekier. Finally the closing ceremony shall commence the winding down process as we come to terms with the end of another con, and another four months for me to sit and twiddle our thumbs until Amecon at the end of July.


So that’s my Kita ’16, although there’s still a few things left unknown, so until the conbook is firmly in hand nothing is certain, not even certainty! Oh, but do read the conbook because Tim has an article in there. Are you going? Have you already made your plans? If so come see us, we want to see everyone, all at once if needs be.

Otherwise we’ll see you lovely people on the other side.

Collection of geek stuff

No, not a great title for this post, but hey, I’m slowly becoming this thing that we call a blogger, what can I say? I can’t be creative all the time, now can I? Onwards with my collection of geek stuff!


As everyone who’ve read some of my posts knows, I’m an advocate of indie gaming. Why? It’s simple, really. I don’t have to pay a substantial amount to get an indie game, of which sometimes is of comparable quality to the games that have been worked on by a good 100+ man team. If you don’t believe me, this is fine. We are all entitled to our opinions and I urge you to share it.

So, today, I found out about a one man band games company called Psychotic Psoftware. No, that wasn’t a typo.

See? I wasn’t kidding.

So, Psychotic Psoftwares game is on Steam Greenlight. It has been crowd-funded already and it’s a shooter very reminiscent of the good ol’ days!

Why not take a look at their game: Power-Up



Next GeekOut session

The next GeekOut session is taking place on Thursday 20th March. Odd day to have a GeekOut session, I’m aware, however we will be joining the Bristol Bad Film Club.

We are going to go to the Harbourside and we will watch a film together. We will watch: “For Y’ur Height Only” – Which is a pretty bad movie. Worth a watch! Why not see the clip that the BBFC put together?

Follow @TheOtherBBFC to catch up with these great guys! I’m looking forward to meeting bad film lovers and enjoying a movie with others and fellow GeekOut geeks!

I had to share this.

This is a prank call that was done some time ago.

This was too funny to not share. Even if you don’t like wrestling, this is funny.

Enjoy this prank call. It is phenomenal.

Oh my, what’s this?

Kitacon is quickly approaching us! I will have several articles on Kitacon, filled with pictures, reviews, hopefully new merchandise etc.

Yes, conventions are fun and as such, if you’re at all interested: Here’s the Kitacon timetable.

Now, with all this on the way, tomorrow I am doing a cosplay walk with my “Mostly complete” costume. There are a few pieces missing still, but we’ve got plenty of time to make this up! I’ll post a picture of my “Mostly there” costume – But note in advanced, when it’s finished, it should look way better!

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