Gencon 2019 – A Foreigner’s Guide

Foreign from another English speaking country, but I had to get on a plane and go over real water. Still, you take my meaning, America – to me – is a strange country with no mountains, straight roads, and personal injury billboards. Your food does strange things to my stomach, and you don’t appear to have trains. To your credit, only three people out of the countless I spoke to got my accent wrong, and in most cases not by much, but on the other hand some of you seem to think that Brexit is all done and dusted, and that made me cry.

So based on my one and only experience, here’s what I’d tell anyone coming from outside of America headed to Gencon, and some advice I’d give to any first-timers. Continue reading “Gencon 2019 – A Foreigner’s Guide”

DMing 101 – Pacing


Why does a two minute fight take an hour, but travelling for three days take two minutes? It’s a classic stereotype that has it’s upsides, and major downsides. While some players love the hack and slash of constant combat, or the fast paced narrative that just montages through all the boring walking parts, it lacks a certain realism that can keep a more devoted role-player utterly involved with the world.

Pacing a game is an art in itself, finding a balance that suits your style of play set against your players’ attention span. There isn’t a right answer, and it’s something that you can only hope to experiment with until everyone’s happy. Still, here are a few ideas to toy with that may help keep your game interesting, even through the “boring bits”. Continue reading “DMing 101 – Pacing”