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Top 10 – Artificial Intelligences

GeekOut Top 10s

We all love the fact that the future is bringing us to a much more autonomous way of living. Some of the things that humanity have had to work hard for in the past is slowly becoming a robotic-filled niche, but that doesn’t mean that all Artificial Intelligence is good. When AI goes bad, it can go maverick – But we’re not here to talk about the bad or the good today. Instead, we’re going to check out our Top 10 Artificial Intelligence in all of media.



Top 10 Funny Social Media Accounts

GeekOut Top 10s

It’s a new day, so it’s time to go onto our favourite social media site and see what’s happening in the world… Haha! They got so roasted! Yes everybody, this is the day and age where being hilarious on the internet is actually a pretty cool thing. You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to be a widely followed account, whether you’re a fast food chain, or just some guy who likes to share strange pictures, here’s our Top 10 Funny Social Media Accounts.


Microsoft’s Twitter Bot Backfires Spectacularly

Microsoft Tay

The media was abuzz for approximately 24 hours when Microsoft released a Twitter bot and then subsequently shut it down. What a quick turn of events this was, but hey – If you take everything with a pinch of salt, it’s amusing yet somewhat disturbing all at the same time. Join Timlah as we look through what Microsoft did, all in the name of a fictional teenage girl they called Tay.


What’s On At GeekOut

GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 23

Here at GeekOut South-West, we actively encourage one another to work on projects, or to attend events – and hey, that’s exactly what I’m going to chat to you today. Join Timlah and Joel as we look through our upcoming activities and events that we just have to burst out and scream about!


Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things

Life is full of great and wondrous things. Some things you know are great, worthy of our laughter, our applause and our support. There are some things which are so bad, that we just don’t talk about them. But what about the things which are so bad that they’re actually pretty damn funny? There’s a lot of things like this out there and that’s why we’ve been so vague. Join us as we have a look through our Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things.

We’re not limiting ourselves to anything in particular here. This isn’t an anime, or a video game, or a technology list. This is a list of all that is hilariously bad. I think you’re in for a treat if you’ve not heard of some of these.

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GeekOut Updates – Nov ’15

Another crazy month with so many reasons to celebrate, GeekOut has passed 2 years old and we’re getting more views than ever before. We’re truly grateful for all of the support you give to both Joel and myself. Join me as I look through my favourite posts of the past month and a quick chat about the activities and projects we’ve got going on here on GeekOut.


McPhoney – Shout Out to an Awesome YouTuber

Don’t you just love watching YouTubers who interact with their audience? For the likes of those with billions of followers, it’s not always possible to catch up with each and every person, but when you’re starting out on YouTube, interacting with your fans is key! I’ve been speaking to a YouTuber on Twitter recently, who I believe we shared a video of in the past, but this time, we got a video made for us!

The amazing Alex, known as McPhoney, who have been making some seriously funny videos. Honestly, it’s a joy to see these types of videos on YouTube still, showing a slew of creativity which does not always have to revolve around video games, or cats. CATS. There are still mentions of a type of cat in the below video. I wanted to give a simple shout out to McPhoney, as they actually mentioned us on their latest video.

Alex made this video as a response to something I said on Twitter, because I say a lot of things on Twitter and it happens that Alex is amazing at sticking to his word. I jokingly said he should try to do a video on face painting, to which he seemed to love the idea. He went so far, that scrubbing his face of face paints actually made it sting a bit – Sorry about that Alex! As a cosplayer who has worn face paints on several occasions, I can tell you that investing in nice quality face paints make all the difference!

It’s always an honour to be mentioned by people, especially those who create fine content. Please do go and check out their YouTube channel as well as their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages and send Alex a warm fuzzy message that makes you feel equally as warm and fuzzy.

GeekOut Bristol Meet 15/08 Gallery

The August meet has now come and gone for the Bristol geeks and I have to say, it was one hell of a turn out. We met a lot of new faces and there were plenty of regulars at the event too, some who hadn’t been to the meetup for a while and some who just never leaves (hi).

We started proceedings by going to the Commercial Rooms. One thing we found out was that the Commercial Rooms were unwilling to reserve a table, which was crazy considering the number of us going… However we still all managed to go there. Eight people had signed up for food on the meetup, but it ended up being around twelve of us at the Commercial Rooms for food around 3pm. That was obviously just the start of the night…

Throughout the night, plenty of new people came into the group and a lot of GeekOut “veterans” were there too. In total, we must have had about 30-32 people, which was about what I was expecting from Meetup and Facebook event likes. It was a superb and fun night, filled with a lot of banter and a lot of interesting people. We got to make some cool new friends and I hope people come back again!

We introduced the Book Share as a new feature of this months activities and I’d like to think that it went pretty well. Through out the night, people were picking up books. Someone got their hands on 3 new books to read through, which was lovely! I’m certain some people have borrowed some of the books/manga I took in too. We had a sheet, a really simple sheet in fact which looks like these “Book Swap Pages” (It’s a .odt document, an open document for word processors). The “To borrow” list was 3/4 full!!! Incredible!

We had our Pac-Man competition, the winner of whom was one of our newcomers, Andy Wade. To everyone who gave it a go, many thanks! Hope you all enjoyed having a little game of Pac-Man to share!

Onwards until the next GeekOut Bristol Meetup, which is on Friday 11th September. Now to think what new activities to include in the next geek meet… Hmm… Any suggestions? Were you at this event? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks everyone for turning up!

Twitter Milestone – 1000+ followers!

Hi everyone,

We interrupt our usual broadcasting to give you this shocking message.

Today, 22/07/2015 at 20:00 hours, we finally burst a stat we had been working to burst for a little while. We have been close for a while, simply building an audience up on Twitter, but we’ve finally hit it on the head and nailed it so damn hard, it doesn’t know how to react any more.

I can only be talking about the fact we’ve reached over 1,000 followers on Twitter. That’s a lot of people and this comes just before Kitacon. I’d like to extend my thanks to each and every one of the Twitter followers out there and now I invite people to like us on Facebook too, where we’ve hit an impressive 140 likes. We’re really happy to have come this far in such a short amount of time, because the geek community is absolutely phenomenal.

From humble beginnings...

From humble beginnings…

Couple all this with our Meetup members, which as reached an incredible 493 members! Honestly, I’m utterly flabbergasted at the response this little idea has had… And we’d love to keep expanding and building on the future of GeekOut. But that’s a secret.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You rock everyone!

Regular broadcasting will resume effective immediately. Thanks again.

Timlah, signing out!