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E3 2019 – Actually Quite Interesting

I’ve had a couple of years of just not caring about E3. I know I’m not alone in that, a lot of hype that rarely gets fulfilled, a lot of the hype we want nowhere to be seen, and it’s usually just a chance for big publishers to let us down and make us worried about the future of the industry for one reason or another.

But can I take a moment or two to actually talk about some stuff that I like the look of here? Some of the game announcements and other news touches on a few subjects that genuinely excite me, and I won’t even rag on the more “classically bad” elements like how many games look like Borderlands these days like Outlands and rage 2 both do, nor will I even mention the words “Fallout has battle royal for some reason”… that would be highly unnecessary. (more…)


Blogversation – Music in Games

Music is important. I’ll not launch into a long spiel here, I’m just going to offer you an example:

If I were to ask you to put together music for a faction of necromancers, what themes would you think of? Really think about it. Death, magic, the interred dead resurrected to fight, vampires, so forth, you get the gist. Think about it for a little while, while I set up my example.

One of the first games I ever played – and certainly the one that I always call “the first game I ever played” when I’m put on the spot – was Heroes of Might and Magic 3 by New World Computing and published by 3DO in 1999 (I was a bit of a late bloomer). It was an incredible game that kick-started my habit of designing games, worlds, creatures and stories, but above all of it’s other elements, I loved the music! I’d always loved classical, and the game tied classical music with stunning visuals in a way that had never engaged me before. To this day I will happily sit and play HoMM 3 over and above it’s sequels, and will even boot up the music files if ever I’m reaching for inspiration.