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GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 10th: All The Anime!

18+ Event

You know who loves anime? We do.

We love anime so much that we’re dedicating this event to anime. Join in with our anime-themed competition, wear your favourite cosplays and let’s chat anime over a board game.


GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR Gallery

A ‘smaller’ GeekOut Bristol Meetup took place on New Years Eve, to celebrate in the new year. Each time the year adds a one to its digits column, you know you need to do something that’s bigger and better than the year before. It’s like an incredible race to be as good as you can be – But we often get waylayed by unforeseen circumstance, or we just get bored of making the best of ourselves. It’s inevitable for us as humans to do this too… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! So, for one day of the year only, we forget all about everything we know and love… We stop working, we get to a party, or we have a quiet indoors affair, snuggle up as best we can and just enjoy the fireworks: Literally.


GeekOut South-West Meetup This Friday, 11/09

Hello internet, we’re back once again. It’s been nearly a month since we last spoke about our GeekOut meetups and as always, the Bristol geeks are going to get together in a pub to shout and scream their fandoms to the world. We’ll be back in the Old Market Tavern from 5pm until closing time. For those who have never seen our GeekOut Meetups, then buckle up as I talk us through the planned activities for this weeks’ Meetup.


GeekOut South-West meetup 10/10/2014

Just a quick post today I am afraid, as we need to inform you all about the next GeekOut South-West meetup!

GeekOut South-West’s meetup returns on Friday 10th of October and this month we’ve got a large RPG planned. So what can we all expect of the latest meetup from the South-West based geeks?

A really cool hat returns

Anyone who knows the origins of the GeekOut meetups will know I used to always bring my hat with me. In fact, I used to think it was better if it was oddly unfitting! As such, the hat makes its return. Come and bring your very own hat with you, as we celebrate all things geeky… And hats.


Admittedly this is ripped right out of Alcon, we will be hosting a Mash-Up game. For those unaware, Mash-Up is a concept where you tell a story using characters that people have made up completely randomly. At Alcon, I was “Bear Hardly”, a wrestling bear. It slowly developed that Bear Hardly was able to drive a car (By slowly, we found this out within the first roll) and that he may or may not have been a Wookie.

Mash-Up is really simple and the awesome Joel (Yes, our very own) will be hosting this game! Hurrah! Oh and sign up ASAP as we need players for an online campaign, hosted by yours truly!

The 20 quid prize

Yes, this makes its return on the 10th!

The GeekOut South-West meetup likes to put on competitions. We have had a geeky quiz, last week was a geeky book-sale… This month? Pitch your geekiest items to us and why we would need one.

As always with the competitions, I will explain how it works first then hand it over to the participants. We will get photos and video galore (hopefully)!

One more reason

What, my boyish charm isn’t enough for you? Then come join us this month as not only is the impeccable Joel joining us, but the ravishing Kim and the critically astute Phil from 1001-Up, too! We can’t wait to have everyone together in one place for an evening… Into the early hours of the morning no doubt.

Our meetups have gone from strength to strength, as we now have around 110 members. I personally wish to thank each and every one of you all as we couldn’t be where we are without you.

It’s time to expand further though. It’s time we GeekOut all over the UK and indeed the world. Whatever your geekdom is, make sure it’s one you are proud about and that you are constantly ready to share your geekdom with the rest of us. If you’d like to get involved, then e-mail us and lets see what we can do together!

That’s all folks, so if you have anything you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below. Are you going to join us? Great! Please do and make yourself known on this post! Watch out Twitter and Facebook, we are watching you, too!