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Quick Website Update

Hey all, without lying about it, I had nothing planned for today as I’ve been out with our friends at Later Levels this weekend. Was awesome catching up with them all, so this post is literally just going to be a very short update on the website, what sort of directions we’re heading in and over to you. Basically, this is just a short catch up post, so I can also catch up with sorting other bits of the website out.



TDSM XI – Wake Up World

So these are exciting times. Three people today have sent me an article about other professional DMs around the world (many of whom charge a damnsite more than I do), and this hobby that was just barely sticking its nose out from its niche back in the mid 2000’s when I was learning to play is suddenly an industry that’s riding the growing e-sports and game-streaming trend to prosperity and greatness, spurred on by the likes of us who dare to charge the uninitiated into the ranks of character creators and story tellers.

And it’s not just Bloomberg who have sat up and taken notice. (more…)

GeekOut Website Update – The End..?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone about the state of our website. As yesterday was a GeekOut Bristol Meet day, I didn’t really get much of a chance to prepare an article for today, so I figured it’d be a good time to quickly let everyone know about the state of the new website. Also, I’ll be chatting briefly about some other projects and where abouts they are. Most importantly, this is an article for me to document what we’re going to do going forward with this website. Sound good? Read on!


The Shropshire Dungeon Master XI – UKGE and Comics Salopia

Hey Joel, you’ve published your articles a little late this week.

Why yes, yes I have thank you for asking. Last week was a long and glorious week, and GeekOut Shrewsbury was only the start of it. (more…)

Happy New Year 2019 from GeekOut South-West

January 1st! Happy New Year everyone! It’s a new day, it’s a new beginning and y’know, I feel like this is going to be a fantastic year for us all. I think our group’s going to go from strength to strength and I think that we’re going to have a great year for the website. But that’s not all – I feel like this is just going to be an all round good year. So strap yourselves in, we’re going to go for a time-travelling journey for what we’re hoping to do in 2019 – And hopefully you’ll be joining us for the whole ride.


An Update on our eBooks

GeekOut Top 10s

Jeez, with how much we’ve been doing recently, we almost completely forgot to fill a spot here today. So uh, I guess we should talk a little bit about what it is that we get up to, when we’re not finding out about the latest geek trends; or writing reviews of video games, films, anime or otherwise. Ultimately, you, our readers, are the most important part of why we do what we do, so we’re looking to provide you with even more content, in even more ways. To come up with something new, we’ve been getting on with work on different mediums – And today, let’s discuss our upcoming eBooks.


Pokemon Go – Raids and Gyms

This week we got our hands on the biggest update in Pokemon Go since the release of Gen 2, a hint at things to come, but can it be the saving grace the game so desperately needs? Interest has waned dramatically over the twelve months since initial release despite regular changes and improvements, extra features and events, and often the execution of the so-called improvements has been the cause for concern, lacking foresight, too hastily rushed out, or just not well received by some faction or division of the player base.

Anyway, let’s have a look at what’s new: (more…)

Upcoming Series on the GeekOut YouTube Channel

You may have noticed the Stonekeep series slowed down for a while – But fear not, this will be back to normal, along with more series in the near future. Read on as Timlah lists the ongoing series he’s going to start running.

Stonekeep 15 Thumbnail

Stonekeep, the game that started it all for me as a Dungeon Crawler fan. So it’s no real surprise that I’d start my YouTube channel with one of the games that was an early fond memory for me. I was so keen to see more people get to experience Stonekeep, that I didn’t even realise the amount of work behind a YouTube channel, let alone editing your own videos, scheduling and publishing the associated articles with them.

However, we’re now past the holiday season, many of us are going back to our day jobs and here at GeekOut, we’re switching on the overdrive! Yes, I will be diving back into Stonekeep and doing 2 weekly let’s play episodes of the series once more… But this time, Stonekeep won’t be alone on YouTube. No, I don’t just mean one off episodes for articles either; I mean I’m going to work on making a new series or two for the channel to go along with it.

Theme Hospital

I haven’t forgotten about it, don’t worry. I’ve actually gotten two episodes recorded as of time of writing, but I decided not to bring this series back until I had released this article. I expect to finish this series by mid to late February, as it’s one I’d started but then stopped releasing episodes of (foolishly).

I love the game, I love Bullfrog games and you can expect to see Theme Hospital come to a close within the next two months. It’s time to pick up the Slack Tongue and cure many more patients. I am not sure if I will fully finish the whole game in the series. Only time will tell!

Final Fantasy IX


If you’ve stuck around GeekOut for more than a couple of days, you might be aware that I’m hugely fond of the Square Enix masterpiece, Final Fantasy IX. I’ve been looking at many ways to connect my PSP up to my PC and now that I’ve got a way of playing FFIX on my PC, it’s almost time to start recording it. I expect to start putting out FFIX LPs by the end of February – After I’ve finished my Gamely Giving streams.

I have a few goals on that series:

  • All four optional bosses, Quale, Tantarian, Hades and Ozma, will be defeated.
  • Find many secrets and explain how to get them.
  • Build a team using Zidane, Vivi, Steiner and Freya – An all-out aggressive team!
  • I hope this series proves to be as entertaining as Stonekeep has been.

This comes at a really opportune time too, as recently it was unveiled that there will be a Final Fantasy IX remake! Well then, let’s hope that is a good remake for what I feel is the best Final Fantasy game in the series. I’m looking forward to playing it natively on my PC, but in the mean time: Time to get this one going!

Beyond Good & Evil


A masterpiece of a game, involving more beauty shots of pig-men than any other game, Beyond Good & Evil set the bar when it came out for truly innovative storytelling. With the unique premise of being a reporter for Jade & Co’s Reporting, it’s up to you as Jade to take on aliens, military and more to find out what has been happening in your home world of Hillys.

Featuring a brilliantly unique photography system where you uncover clues and earn money for your published images, Beyond Good & Evil didn’t work on many Windows PCs when it first came out. A lot of people encountered day one bugs with it, which stopped them from enjoying it. Recently however, I’ve been able to make the game work via WINE and now it’s time to show off this RPG Phenom… You’ll be left wondering why you haven’t played it before, or yearning to play it again.

There are more series planned throughout the year, however these are the upcoming ones. I’ll also still do the occasional one-off video. What do you think so far? Are you happy we’re going to diversify a little bit with our Let’s Play series? Do you think there’s anything else I should play on the channel (bearing in mind my very underpowered machine)? What series are you happiest to see come to our channel? As always, your comments are much appreciated below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Comment on the GeekOut YouTube channel and we’ll see you over there soon!

NaNo Update


After two failures to even start an entry for National Novel Writing Month, I foolishly decided to turn this year’s entry over to you, asking you to help me pick the genre, overarcing story, a cast of characters, and the remaining features.

To begin with, I am behind.

Not horrendously so, nothing I can’t recover I swear. I’ve picked up the pace quite dramatically of late so I should be able to finish on time, and I’ve just started the second act, so the narrative is now officially in full flow. So while I’m busy getting on with it, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve done so far. (more…)

Kickstarter Update – Hero Hourly

NESFW – Not entirely safe for work, especially if you work with or near children. Expect bloody violence and the kind of language you tend to use in the car.


Back in February we gave you an early look at 21Pulp‘s Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming comic Hero Hourly, a look at the work-a-day lives of clock-punching heroes. Issue one released this September, and 21Pulp kindly sent us a copy so that we could have a look at what the donations of people like you have accomplished. Issue two is under way, so what has left them feeling so confident?

cover snippet

It’s an unimaginative world filled with unimaginative heroes living under an unimaginative management regime and facing unimaginative criminals. All in all it’s perfect. Everything that we were promised, the incredible made unremarkable and bland, and that’s exactly the narrative we follow in the beginning. Saul worked hard at college and took a menial job to get a reference so that he could make it big in business as soon as possible.

That’s when recession hits, and it hits everyone hard. Fortunately there’s good work for anyone willing to take a security gig wearing yellow spandex and a cape. Thanks to the miracle of modern science, a chemical has been made that can turn anyone into a superhero! And as any right-minded chemical engineer would with such a discovery he turned it into a lucrative business deal that mass-produces the world’s best private security officers.

Hero Hourly drops an element of fantasy into a very real world. One issue in and there’s already a range of unique and relatable characters that suffer all too familiar problems, and not just the food stealing room-mate. Aside from the criminal element and the daily disaster, Saul faces the terrible threat of new management and potential redundancy. House foreclosures are generating a new breed of tragic villain, ones without advanced degrees.

HH Page 1

The writing style is just as gritty and real as the story, but you may have to keep a keen eye on the <parenthesis> that show Saul listening to what people have said to him with the hindsight of one who has realised that the whole world hates you.

The artwork is generally consistent, the only way to spot the odd anatomical anomaly is to actively hunt for them, but the important thing to observe is that no matter what a character is wearing they’re instantly recognizable and that’s no mean feat when your characters tend to switch from jeans and t-shirt to a generic uniform complete with mask and hood.

This three-issue run is still only ending up in the hands of Kickstarter backers, but I can comfortably recommend picking up a copy if you see it on shelves (or Amazon) if you’re looking for a different take on an over-done genre. Hero Hourly is a comic you can connect with, especially if you’ve worked somewhere you hated or felt like the world is against you no matter how hard you try to fight back.