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Amecon 2018 – Timlah’s Summary & Gallery

WARNING: This article is incredibly image and video heavy!

AmeCon 2018 was a roaring success in my personal opinion, however the event started off with a few technical issues. Having said that, the crew battled on through those issues to be met with a weekend that had both roaring heat and ridiculous rainfall. The parties were fun, the cosplays were incredible, the guests were wonderful and the panels were all in all great fun (at least the ones I saw). Usually at these events, I don’t spend enough time going to events, usually because I’m in costume myself. For the first time ever, I went to an event with no cosplays, which felt strange, but seriously, it was rewarding to be able to look and appreciate the craft of Cosplay and Japanese fandom as someone looking in again. Read on for more on this year’s experience.


YouTube Channel Update

It’s been a rather long time since we spoke about our YouTube channel, so I wanted to actually let you all know why that is and what we’re doing to make content for this in the not-too-distant future. As well as this, I’ll actually let you know why there’s been such a lack of updates on the channel. If you’ve ever watched my Stonekeep videos, or wanted to get more into the Final Fantasy IX Let’s Play I was recording, then read on!


YouTube and Me: Stonekeep Highlights

Having been playing this dungeon crawler for quite some time now, I’ve come to some conclusions about it: Some I was unable to draw when I was playing this as a young kid. I used to find this game so tricky, but am I finding the same now, as a grown up? Join Timlah as we talk through the game so far.


GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 6 and 7

We’re back for the fourth week for GeekOut Plays Stonekeep. My day job meant that I had to push the date for these videos back ’til today, so really sorry for the delay! We’ll be back on our usual schedule this week as well as some great Halloween themed posts and even a horror themed video. Also, I’m going to be doing a somewhat drunken stream with our good friend Kim from 1001Up on Halloween itself. I will be in costume. What costume? Check it out tomorrow!


GeekOut YouTube Channel – Where We’re At

Cast your mind back just two weeks ago and YouTube was a foreign concept for GeekOut. Occasionally, we may put a video up, but nothing to the frequency of what we’ve been doing recently. Read on to find out what we’ve got planned as well as how the process has been going so far.


McPhoney – Shout Out to an Awesome YouTuber

Don’t you just love watching YouTubers who interact with their audience? For the likes of those with billions of followers, it’s not always possible to catch up with each and every person, but when you’re starting out on YouTube, interacting with your fans is key! I’ve been speaking to a YouTuber on Twitter recently, who I believe we shared a video of in the past, but this time, we got a video made for us!

The amazing Alex, known as McPhoney, who have been making some seriously funny videos. Honestly, it’s a joy to see these types of videos on YouTube still, showing a slew of creativity which does not always have to revolve around video games, or cats. CATS. There are still mentions of a type of cat in the below video. I wanted to give a simple shout out to McPhoney, as they actually mentioned us on their latest video.

Alex made this video as a response to something I said on Twitter, because I say a lot of things on Twitter and it happens that Alex is amazing at sticking to his word. I jokingly said he should try to do a video on face painting, to which he seemed to love the idea. He went so far, that scrubbing his face of face paints actually made it sting a bit – Sorry about that Alex! As a cosplayer who has worn face paints on several occasions, I can tell you that investing in nice quality face paints make all the difference!

It’s always an honour to be mentioned by people, especially those who create fine content. Please do go and check out their YouTube channel as well as their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages and send Alex a warm fuzzy message that makes you feel equally as warm and fuzzy.