Top 10 Dystopian Worlds

Let the dust settle, it’s time for Timlah and Joel to discuss their Top 10 Dystopian Worlds. Join us for a bleak look through some creative genius.

GeekOut Top 10s

A world gone awry, a land desecrated. People and creatures sparse and cultures completely gone to waste, this is a list of those worlds that we remember. Not just words: But these are Dystopian Worlds. It doesn’t matter how the world around them is falling apart. It could have been ravaged by rambunctious aliens, or it could have been war gone wrong. Perhaps nukes have gone off and all that’s left are wastelands, or perhaps they live in a bleak future, where people depend on substance to survive. All we know is that the lands we’ve chosen today are our Top 10 Dystopian Worlds.

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