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Video Game Review: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Espionage, augmented humans and cybernetic abilities combined to create a unique blend of spy/action gameplay – We can only be talking about Deus Ex, where today we’ll be checking out the most recent incarnation, Mankind Divided. If you’ve never played a Deus Ex before, like me, then read on for what I thought about it, along with how it typically plays out. It’s time to get our cool shades on!



Free Game Review: Path of Exile

Hack n Slash goodness in a game that vowed to be the next Diablo, a game that’s absolutely free to play. It can only be Path of Exile. Named 2013 PC Game of the Year by GameSpot and best PC role-playing game of 2013 by IGN, it’s had high praise indeed. Now that it’s 2017, does the game still stand, or is it falling apart? With microtransactions as the primary means of keeping the game alive, is it just floating by because of this, or is this a very solid game? Here’s our complete run down of this free-to-play extravaganza.


Is Guitar Hero Live Any Good?

I’ve rocked out to plenty of songs on older Guitar Hero titles, from Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero World Tour, as well as their rivals in Rock Band. In fact, I used to be pretty good, if I do say so myself. I can still play Expert on some Guitar Hero titles… Until I was met with Guitar Hero Live, which took all we knew about the series and changed it in a drastic way. For better or for worse, I’m here to talk about Guitar Hero Live and what makes it different from other Rhythm games of the same ilk.


Action Henk – Buttslide to Victory

Greetings once again from sunny Valencia.

Valencia beach

This is the last time I speak to you from here. I’ve spent the last week getting some well-earned R&R which has given me a bit of time to play a few of the games that I have been meaning to play but never get the time to (there is a lot of them).

So this week we have a look at Action Henk which is available for OSX, Windows and Linux via Humble Bundle and Steam but also available for Xbox One (£11.99) and Playstation (£11.99). I’ll be reviewing the Steam version (for OSX) but don’t expect that the game changes massively between versions.


With the fantastic tagline of “Buttslide to Victory” you should already know that this game like it could be fun. You play Henk, who is an action figure with incredibly slippery buttocks, his goal is to traverse as fast as he can cross the obstacle course that lies in front of him that looks like it could be a good home for any Hot Wheels vehicle. When you first begin to play Action Henk, developed by the fantastically named RageSquid there is no denying that the game is super simple, it has just three controls (a fourth is introduced later) which are made up of run, jump and slide but it’s the way that these three simple mechanics are woven together that really make the game what it is. It reminds me a little of Splosion Man, a game that utterly frustrated bit enthralled me on the Xbox.


It’s basically a speed running game and bronze, silver, gold and rainbow medals are awarded at the for each level depending on the amount of time that you took to reach the end. Your main strategy should consist of running on the flat bits, time your jump so that you hit the top of any sliding section then carry that momentum forward to take alternative and sometimes quicker paths to the goal. All this takes place racing against a ghost of the time that you have to beat, watching the ghosts will give you some neat little hints as to where you are slowing down but it all comes down to skill in the end. If you mess up the punishment is nominal as the restart is super fast. You can choose to restart at any time from either the last checkpoint you passed or the whole level; a nice touch to practice some of the tricker jumps. I am not a competitive person, the fact that there are several thousand people above me on the Steam leaderboard does not bother me one bit; however, I will state the obvious by saying there is some satisfaction in claiming another rung of the ladder but I have no active desire to beat people. You can also challenge your friends via the online or local multiplayer though so maybe a game we could set up a competition for at our next MeetUp. For me, it’s all about the flow. The feeling you get from getting that magical combo together that shaves off those few valuable microseconds to get you the next medal or beat your own time. As you play more other characters are opened up to you but as far as I know these are just skins with no real benefit but I could be wrong in this one.


Action Henk has truckloads of character. The graphics are lush and cartoony, it really feels like you’re a toy running around a kids bedroom; Henk and his comrades (the ones I managed to unlock) feel weighty and react as you would expect to jumps and bumps. The game is totally game controller compatible and really benefits from having one. There is subtlety in the controls too, for instance, if you press down in mid air you can reduce the height of your jump which can shave off a few microseconds. I firmly believe that id Action Henk had a slower restart time then I would not enjoy it as much as I do. For you 60 FPS junkies the game even has an FPS counter built into the options screen that you can see update in real time as you turn on/off options. Being the frugal gamer I picked it up in a recent sale on HumbleBundle but would happily pay full price for it. There are nine different stages to play, each with seven levels which include an evil but highly addictive coin collecting stage so the game has certainly enough replay value to keep you hooked for some time. When you have run out of levels you can always grab more from Steam workshop, take on the daily challenge or spend time and effort in making your own with the simple but very well made level editor. I needed something to replace the hole Splosion Man left when I gave away my Xbox and this just might be it. I’m going to need to either invest in a mechanical keyboard or always play using the controller because I think that the frustration may damage my shiny Mac keyboard.

Have you played Action Henk? Do you think it would be a fun game to play during our MeetUp? Has this review made you want to go and buy it? Let us know what you think of it via our usual channels of the comments section, Reddit, Twitter and of course Facebook

Love and paella
– Chris

Console Review: PlayStation 4

It’s been out for several years now, but with the PS4 Pro coming out soon, what better time is there to review the existing standard for Sony? Today I’m here to check the console out and scrutinise it for what makes it good and not so good, as well as a bit of information on how the console stands up to a typical PC.


Video Game Review: DragonBall Xenoverse

Kamehameha! Every anime and manga’s favourite martial art series which went from simple roots of an exaggerated combat style, with more energy beams than any sci-fi movie in history, to the big screen… Of your computers that is! Timlah has finally gotten his hands on DragonBall Xenoverse and has spent some time getting to know it with his brand new Sayian hero. Will Timlah be able to stop the evil bad guys of the game? Are you reading this in the narrators voice? Find out now in GeekOut’s review!


Video Game Review: Awesomenauts

With a title like that, how can this game be bad? It’s a three vs three MOBA action game, with a great range of characters and expansions. Join Timlah as we look through the wonderfully unique and colourful world of Awesomenauts.


Dragon Ball in 2015


I truly believe that Dragon Ball is one of those franchises that has helped to change the scene. Think about it for a moment; you’ve got the original Dragon Ball which, although popular, was really just the way the franchise begun. Then you had the immensely popular Dragon Ball Z, which if you were a 90s baby, you’d likely have grown up watching Dragon Ball as a teenager. At least this is what I did… Hmm.

In 2015 however, Dragon Ball seems to be making another one of its strong come backs. Every couple of years, it seems like the Dragon Ball team get back together and get on with producing something truly noteworthy. The last brilliant Dragon Ball film was aired only back in 2013, which was known as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Next on our list of films is: Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F. Honestly, I am looking forward to this so much and it should bring back a wave of nostalgic fans from the times I was watching the series of Dragon Ball Z. Does anyone remember the Frieza Saga? If you enjoyed said saga, then you’ll enjoy Revival of F. This film is set to come out in Japan in April 2015, so let’s watch out for when we can get a subbed version!