UK Geek Events

The UK is brimming with amazing events. This page looks at all the UK Geek Events that we know of. Don’t see your favourite listed here? E-mail us!

Anime Events

Name Location Description
AmeCon Nottingham In conjunction with KitaCon, AmeCon is held in a hotel in Nottingham. One of the long standing anime conventions of the UK.
KitaCon Birmingham Anime convention held in the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham. Really close to the NEC, so easy to get to it – It’s fantastic!
SunnyCon Sunderland The biggest convention in the north of England – SunnyCon grabs some awesome guests!

Comic Events

Name Location Description
MCM London London The big one! MCM London is a huge comic convention, worth checking out and has a great selection of cosplayers.
MCM Birmingham Birmingham Like the London one, but all the way out in Birmingham!
Cardiff Film and Comic Con Cardiff Wales shouldn’t be left out – If you’re around Wales, you must check this one out.
London Film and Comic Con London Fantastic blend of film and comics, featuring some major stars as guests.
N.I.C.E Bedford A wonderful comic convention in Bedford – Does children’s tickets for £1. Fun for the whole family!
London Super Comic Con London Huge comic convention that got great media coverage in 2015.
Lawgiver MkII Bristol Dredd-centric event! Sounds like it’ll be Dredd-tastic!
Appears to have stopped in 2016.

Video Game Events

Name Location Description
Bristol Video Games Social Bristol If you’re a gamer, check out BVGS, a really cool bunch of people playing video games together!
Meltdown London Gamers bar, letting video gamers play and get a few pints together. Occasionally, they host tournaments! Info on their Facebook page.
Insomnia Gaming Festival Coventry Insomnia is one of the UKs largest gaming conventions. Bring Your Own Console/Computer for this great big gaming event!
EGX London A huge games expo showing off the latest and greatest in gaming. Get your hands on those must-plays of the future before release!
EGX: Rezzed London EGX Rezzed hosted the gaming BAFTAs and is home to a lot of amazing indie games! The UK game dev scene is buzzing!
Gameblast Across the UK Run by the charity SpecialEffect, Gameblast is a 24 hour gaming for good charity event.
IndieCon Dorset Small convention for Indie developers. A chance to get your hands on indie games and to talk to their devs!
Appears to have stopped in 2017.

Geek Events

Name Location Description
GeekOut Bristol Meets Bristol The GeekOut South-West main meetups, happen once per month and run by Timlah. Check the front page or the meetup page for more information! Of course, I’d say it’s fabulous!
GeekOut Shrewsbury Meets Shrewsbury The GeekOut West-Midlands main meetups, happen once per month and run by Joel. Check the front page or the meetup page for more information! Of course, I’d say it’s fabulous!
BUCKCon Manchester Brony fandom is catered for in BUCKCon, a UK based Brony convention.
Nine Worlds Convention London The Nine Worlds Convention is still relatively new, but don’t be put off by that! It’s a highly professionally run convention!
Milton Keynes Geek Culture Meetup Milton Keynes Sharing the passion for geek culture, if you’re around the Milton Keynes area, then go join these wonderful geeks!
GeekUp London Currently in development, GeekUp will be a meetup group in London.

Appears to have not got off the ground.

Bath LARP (Fools & Heroes) Bath For all of the proud LARPers in the UK, attend a LARP event with fellow enthusiasts!

Sci-fi/Fantasy Events

Name Location Description
International Discworld Convention Warwick Biannual Discworld convention for fans of Pratchett
BristolCon Bristol Warm and welcoming Sci-fi and Fantasy convention in Bristol, which allows you to get up close to Sci-fi and Fantasy authors. Run by the lovely Hierath. Check out our gallery of the 2014 BristolCon!
Scifi Wales Llandudno Welsh Sci-Fi convention, with a great selection of guests and events.
Collidacon Heathrow, London Brand new convention covering Sci-Fi, Fantasy and much more. Well worth looking at!

Appears to have been cancelled since 2015.

Thought Bubble Festival Leeds A collection of events spread out over a long time, celebrating all that is good about visual art form to culture.
ArmadaCon Plymouth Convention that has been running since 1988! This is one of the longest standing conventions I know of.
Starfury UK-Wide Conventions that cover lots of different topics, from Angel and Buffy to Doctor Who.

Tabletop Events

Name Location Description
eCollectica Games Day Shrewsbury Family run business that brings the gamers of Shrewsbury together once every so often for fun and games! Joel is a regular there, go say hi! Check out Joels post on the last Games Day.
RPG Meetup Group Bath & Bristol RPGs are your thing? Wanna meet people running events in these areas? These are the meetup groups for you!
Stabcon South Southampton A long standing convention dedicated to board games and general gaming.
Megagame Makers UK-Wide Games are made during these events – And they seem like a lot of fun!
UK Games Expo Birmingham Striving to be the premier in UK tabletop games, UK Games Expo is a great blend of geek culture.

Check out our 2018 articles.

PaizoCon Birmingham PaizoCon is a huge Pathfinder convention! Simply awesome for role players of the UK!
WynterCon Eastbourne Winter Gardens Gaming and cosplay combined – Successful first convention and now they’re going from strength to strength.

Technology Events

Name Location Description
Bristech Bristol Informative meetup for Bristol and SW based programmers to discuss everything technical!
Meanbee Hack Nights Bath Join in with this hackathon meetup group for the tech enthusiasts!
Game Jams UK wide Like to make games? Make games and be social with a Game Jam!
OpenTech London An open-source  technology, experience and everything else!

Seems to happen on odd-numbered years.

Furiously Curious Turnbridge Wells Technology meetup group. Meet up with a lovely bunch of creative people.

This Meetup group has disbanded :(

BarCamp Manchester Manchester An Unconvention for a bunch of technology enthusiasts.
ReHack London Working together to help Improve consumer health and well-being, with interesting talks and events!

Uhh, their website now leads to some service. As such, no more link to this one. Sorry ReHack!

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